Blue Ribbon School

1 of 50
non-public schools in the nation to receive this recognition, ranking top 10% of schools nationwide

A diverse community

of our student population are Asian, Hispanics and African American.

rigorous curriculum

of our 4th and 7th graders score 95th percentile or above on one score test of SAT-10.


Our Lady of Mercy offers a full-day or half-day Pre-K program for four-year-olds and a full-day Kindergarten through 8th-grade educational school program.

Open enrollment and re-registration of current students begin at the end of January of each year. Though there is no deadline for enrollment for grades K-8th, we do tend to fill all 20 Pre-K spots by April 1 as this class is highly coveted. To be considered for tuition assistance (K-8th only), you must submit an admission application by March 15, along with the FACTS application form. Visit our Financial Aid tab for more information.

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, or any other school-administered program.

Tuition & Fees

Click the link below to find our current tuition and fees description for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. Rates for the 2020-2021 school year, once adopted by the Board and Diocese of Charlotte, are available in early February 2020.

Financial Aid

We use FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to conduct individual family’s financial need analysis. Applications and supporting documentation must be submitted to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, through the link below, by March 22, 2019. FACTS does not award tuition assistance. We do our best to match needs with the tuition assistance funds we have available. Tuition assistance offers are usually mailed by the last week of May.

Please note that Tuition Assistance is separate from the subsidy that a supporting Catholic parish pays to our school on behalf of the families who participate at their parish. This overall financial policy reflects the interaction and consultation of the Board of Education, the Finance Council, Business Manager, the Principal, and Pastor of Our Lady of Mercy Church in
concert with policies established by the Diocese of Charlotte.

If you have questions or concerns about the application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 866-441-4637.

K-12 Scholarship Grants

Opportunity Scholarship Program

The Opportunity Scholarship Program expands school choice in North Carolina through scholarship grants for eligible children in Kindergarten through 12th grade. This program provides funding of up to $4,200 per year for eligible children who choose to attend a participating nonpublic school.

Disabilities Grant Program

The Disabilities Grant Program is a program for eligible students with disabilities in Kindergarten through 12th grade to provide an option for parents to pay tuition, fees, and some other expenses at a participating school or homeschool.

Application Dates

The 20-21 deadlines have not been released. Please visit NCSEAA – North Carolina Education Assistance Authority website for more information.

Visit & Engage

We invite all students and parents to visit and see firsthand what our school has to offer. Whether it is an open house, a shadow visit or a personalized tour, come see what the Mercy experience is all about!

Open Houses

January 9, 2020 5pm-7pm
January 28, 2020 9am-11:30am
February 20, 2020 5pm-7pm

Mercy Experience Day

Wonder what Mercy is like? We invite your child (grades K-7) to come to visit and be hosted by a current student for a half-day to experience Mercy first-hand. Students should come with a packed lunch and snack.

8:00 AM: Arrive and students gather in the gym (can drop off as early as 7:30) Parents can gather in the lobby for information
8:15 AM: Classroom Experience for students, tours for parents if interested
11:55 AM: Lunch for Grades K-4, recess until 12:40
12:30 PM: Lunch for Grade 5-7, recess until 1:10
12:45 PM: Pickup for K-4 students
1:15 PM: Pickup for Grades 5-7 students

Personalized Tours

We welcome you to come to visit us anytime! Simply click the schedule button below to fill out our inquiry form.


Application Deadlines

We are currently accepting new students. We begin open enrollment and re-registration of current students at the end of January of each year. Though there is no deadline for enrollment for grades K-8th, we do tend to fill all 20 Pre-K spots by April 1 as this class is highly coveted. Printed applications may be requested from the Admissions Office at 336-722-7204.

Application Process

We welcome students of all races, religions, ethnic or national origins. Preference is given to participating Catholic students and students are accepted according to the following priorities:
1. Students currently attending Our Lady of Mercy.
2. Siblings of students currently attending Our Lady of Mercy.
3. Students of Staff currently at Our Lady of Mercy.
4. Siblings of students that previously attended Our Lady of Mercy.
5. Members of a parish that do not have a school, but the student has applied to Our Lady of Mercy.
6. Children of non-participating parishioners and non-Catholics.

In all cases involving Catholic students, their pastor must certify that they are parishioners in good standing. The optimum number of students per classroom is thirty (30), except for Pre-K, which is capped at twenty (20). The required age for kindergarten students is five (5) years of age on or before August 31, and thus for Pre-K, the required age is four (4) years of age on or before August 31.

All students applying for K-8 must complete the ABC admissions screening exam, which are portions of the Woodcock-Johnson III. This requirement can be waived by the Principal in some circumstances.
All students must comply with current North Carolina immunization and health requirements prior to enrollment.

Application Checklist

  • A completed application form (blue button below)
  • Non-refundable Application fee: $75 for Pre-K through 8th
  • A copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate
  • A copy of the applicant’s most recent school report card and/or testing scores (1st-8th graders)
  • A copy of current immunization records (MMR, DTP/DTAP, Hib, Hepatitis B, Polio, Varicella)
  • A copy of the applicant’s Baptismal Certificate (for Catholic applicants only)
  • Copies of any psychological evaluations or outside testing reports as applicable
  • Signed Transcript request form (if coming from another school)
  • ABC Screening Form and $75 Testing Fee (Please make the check payable to ABC Educational Services, Inc.). ABC Educational Service will contact you directly to schedule at day and time for your child to take the test.

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